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A lot of people today are interested in buying an SUV. When starting to do research before purchasing, they might wonder what the top 10 small SUVs are or just what the top 10 best SUVs are. If they only want to look at brands or certain cars in brands then they might wonder what the top 5 SUV brands or models are. There are ways that SUVs are rated and people can look and see what the top features are for today's SUVs. This article serves to help people understand how these SUVs are are ranked and what features are highest on the list.

First thing to do before learning how these are ranked is to decide if you want to look up specific information such as top 10 luxury SUVs or best 6 cylinder SUV. Once you decide exactly what kind of SUV you want, then you'll be able to interpret the information better.

There are many things that are taken into account when SUVs are ranked. This is combined information from reviews and car information from the manufacturer. The first thing that will be talked about is what information is acquired from reviews.


The first aspect that is taken into consideration is performance. The way they evaluate this is by looking at all of the reviews for the specific vehicle and then grade the vehicle based on things such as handling, braking, acceleration, and the quality of the ride, among other things.


The next thing they look for within the reviews is what is being said about the interior. A few of the things that are taken into account when grading this aspect are things like: comfort, cargo space, and interior features.

Critics Rating

The last thing that is looked at within the reviews is the overall rating and feeling of the car. They look at everyone's reviews and put them together to see what the overall consensus is regarding the vehicle.

Now that people know what is taken into account after looking at the car reviews, the next thing to talk about is information that is gathered from the actual manufacturer. These are things that most new car buyers are interested in and have at the very top of their consideration list.


When buying a new car, this is one of the biggest aspects that people consider. They want to make sure their families are going to be safe in the car they purchase and they aren't going to have to worry about having a vehicle that is going to have a higher chance of putting their families lives at risk. The way that they give an SUV a safety rating is by gathering information from top sources that specialize in safety ratings. Some of those sources are: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They try and help ensure that the SUV is the safest that it can possibly be.


Reliability is one of those things that go along with safety. A person doesn't want to worry about getting stranded on the side of the rode with their families in the car. Not only could this be bad depending on weather, but it could be dangerous if it is on a highway where vehicles go higher speeds. This score comes from the Predicted Reliability rating. These are always given by J.D. Power and Associates. The way they get this score is by looking at the historical initial quality and dependability over the last 3 years. This information comes from studies that have been conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. Two of the biggest studies they look at are: the Vehicle Dependability Study(VDS) and the Initial Quality Study(IQS). This helps give them a pretty good idea of how reliable a specific SUV will be.


The final thing that is taken into account is awards. SUVs that receive awards, such as the Motor Trend Car of the Year and North American Car of the Year, get put up higher on the top car list. The reason they get bumped up is because it's vital to show these awards because they are very important. This lets people know that the car received some top awards and it can help them feel better since a vehicle has to pass many qualifications to even be considered.


The last thing that is taken into account is features. The people who compile the lists ask normal people what features they want most and take that into account along with the other things listed. For example, they might do a survey and find out that most people want to have power windows and heated seats. They would look at cars that meet the other things listed here and also have these highly sought after features.

There are many things that are taken into account before putting an SUV on this list. They want to make sure that it is an overall good vehicle that has the qualities that consumers are looking for. It's not easy to get on these lists and people can be assured that, if it does get on the list, it's a really good vehicle for them and their families needs.