Bible College Options And Information

Bible College Options And Information

Thinking About Your Future?

Choosing the right college to go to can be a very difficult process. Some people want to go to college for the social aspect – to join a fraternity or a sorority and drink and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are others who are looking for a more spiritual journey and this is where a Bible college come into play.

Bible colleges are institutions of higher education that prepare students for Church ministry through theological education, Biblical studies and practical ministry training. Bible colleges primarily offer undergraduate degrees, but some may also offer graduate degrees and/or lower-level associate degrees, certificates, or diplomas in specialized areas of Christian training, where a full degree is not required. There are a variety of different tracks available depending on the path that you feel you are called to go down.

Some courses are longer or shorter depending on the term in which the class is taken and the professor who is teaching the course at that time. Service learning is a very large part of our curriculum, it us important for us that our students leave with a deep understanding of our world and communities around them, readying them to go forth and share their experiences with the world. We are aware that higher education can be incredibly expensive but there are an array of scholarships available, along with financial assistance from the diocese. The environment at a Bible college is one of great faith and community, along with large amounts of personal and religious growth.

If you think Bible college might be right for you, start with talking to a college advisory. They will let you know what the application process is like. Then, you can choose a state you want to go to college in and then you can go from there.

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