Culinary Classes

Culinary Classes

The chefs you will work with come from a wide variety of backgrounds: apprenticeship, learned in the trenches, community college, Culinary Institute of America, French Culinary Academy, European schools, Johnson and Wales, among some of the best.

If you want to begin a culinary career, going to school may be the best option to jump start your career. Here you can start with the reasons you should choose a culinary school:

  • It shows commitment. Someone who works their way through culinary school has made a choice to enter the industry and to learn something.
  • You will learn something. How much depends initially on you, then on the school, and finally on your fellow students. More about that later. Culinary school provides or should provide you with a basically complete framework of the basics from sauces to food chemistry. Depending on the degree, they also offer restaurant management theory and accounting.  When you leave you should not expect to be a chef, because you won’t, but you will have a vast store of information from which to draw in many situations, whereas if you work  your way up your knowledge is likely to be limited to a select variety of cuisines or methods.

More people than previously are chasing a dream of commanding a kitchen or flipping an pancake on television. Culinary school registration has swelled in recent years, while tuition rates — and student loan debt — rise alongside it. For a profession with exasperatingly low starting wages, it is hard to know whether culinary school is worth it.

The best known cooking schools in the U.S. come with price tags that range anywhere from $35,000 to $54,000 for a two-year associate’s degree or up to about $109,000 for a bachelor’s degree. All this for a career path that traditionally starts with a $10 an hour position doing back-breaking work for crazy hours and over holidays. While the salary does improve over time, cooking is rarely going to be a lucrative profession.

All chefs agreed that education is valuable, but their opinions differed on how to get it for the greatest value.

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