Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Keep Your Home Clean

The air ducts in homes and offices can often get blocked or accumulate dust, mildew, and mold. When these toxins buildup they are then pushed through the air ducts and then dispersed around the room in which the air blows into. These toxins can be harmful to our health and could have long term effects.

It is important to get your air ducts cleaned every couple of months or at least once a year in order to ensure proper air flow. The pricing for air duct cleaning varies depending on how much cleaning needs to be done, and the difficulty of the duct cleaning. If you regularly get your air ducts cleaned, you will save money in the long run and you will be able to live more comfortably in your home. There are no dangers to air duct cleaning, it will actually improve your help and you and your families quality of life.

How To Self Clean Your Air Ducts

  • Furnace Filter. You will definitely need a new furnace filter at the end of the job. Make sure you choose the right filter option for you. A lot of general stores will carry this.
  • Vacuum. A household-type vacuum with a decent hose attached will work, but a heavier-duty “Shop Vac” unit is better, if available.
  • Brush. Something closely resembling a toilet brush will work best, but a stiff-bristle paintbrush or something similar will do.
  • Screwdriver or Hex Driver. Your registers are likely held in place by some kind of fasteners. You will need to use whatever tool fits the fasteners, usually a Phillips screwdriver or 1/4″ hex driver.
  • Paper Towels. Unless you want to do a lot of dusting and sweeping right after you clean your ducts, you will find these useful to cover some registers while you clean others.

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