Florida Rehab

Florida Rehab

If you are considering treatment at rehab centers in Florida, you probably are wondering about the different levels of treatment and which one is the right path for you. Discover Florida rehab centers!

Detox & Inpatient Rehab

It’s important to understand that detox and rehab are two different things. An inpatient stay usually begins with the detoxification process.

During those first few days medically-supervised detoxification is usually provided, and this is the process by which the body clears itself of drugs or alcohol. Many people mistakenly believe that “going cold turkey” but this can be a highly dangerous method of ridding the body of drugs. Detox can be handled on an outpatient basis, but it truly does need to be medically supervised and with inpatient care, it’s easier to manage the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Florida Rehab Programs are the processes that begins right after detox. This is the journey toward lifelong sobriety. Detox is fantastic, but unless you understand and address the physical, psychological and behavioral issues that led you into addiction and gain a true understanding about the disease of addiction, your sobriety will be short-lived. This is why rehab and recovery is essential. When selecting rehab centers in Florida, it is important to select a facility that creates an individualized plan for your long-term recovery.

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