Freeze Away Fat

Freeze Away Fat

There are many different forms of fat removal, from liposuction, to sculpting, all of these methods are invasive and require surgery. Freezing your fat is the the most effective, least invasive form of fat removal. It is completely painless and you see results almost immediately! The price of freezing your fat will depend on how many sessions you must schedule until you are happy with the results. There are no dangers or health risks to freezing fat.

The concept of “spot reduction”, or being able to target a specific pocket of fat was science fiction until the invention of liposuction. When we lose weight, we lose weight all over, usually. Whatever your trouble regions are, tend to be the last to go when we lean out. Sometimes with females your stomach goes flat almost immediately when you lose weight. Or you can hold fat in your inner thighs and buns. Males are the exact opposite. They can be shredded all over their body, but hang on to a lower tummy to the bitter end.

You will schedule a free consultation with a doctor to ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatment and they will advise you how many sessions it will take for you to get to your goal shape! We pride ourselves on having low prices so that everyone can afford it! We have been in business for 7+ years and have many clients that have recommended our services to friends, family, and colleagues. Come in for a free consultation and get your transformation started!

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