Pro Bono Attorney Guide And Information

Pro Bono Attorney Guide And Information

When you run into legal trouble, it can be a very scary thing. You might be facing serious or criminal charges that could affect the rest of your life. The first thing that comes to most people’s minds is to hire a lawyer. But others, who aren’t as fortunate as some, can’t afford a lawyer. This is where Pro Bono attorneys step in. They will work on legal cases free of charge. But not just anyone can get a lawyer free of charge. There are certain qualifications you must meet like proof of low income, etc., before you are accepted as a client.

One of the scariest things could be going to court and fighting for your life. The last thing you should be thinking about in court is how you are going to pay your lawyer when this is all over with. Pro Bono attorneys offer their expertise and service at no charge, which can be very helpful for the less fortunate.

Pro Bono is shortened from the Latin term “Pro Bono Publico”, meaning “for the public good.” It involves lawyers and law students giving up their time on a voluntary basis for people who need legal assistance, but aren’t in a position to get the necessary support.

The first is credibility, the foundation of trust. Building a high level of trust with clients, judges, jurors and even opposing counsel is the cornerstone of effective representation. But it is a trait that is earned, not just learned. When a credible attorney tells a client he must be available on a certain day for a deposition with no exceptions, that client will listen. It’s simple: When you make a promise, you keep a promise.

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