Retirement Living

Retirement Living

If you don’t understand the different levels of senior care available or the different lifestyle options available, check out our diagram of your options of Senior Living or read this article about senior lifestyles. This guide will help you understand retirement options like moving abroad for less expensive care, buying into a CCRC for high-end care, traveling the country staying in senior apartments and finding a different levels of local care. Retirement Living is a broad term that include all the following options:

Once you know what type of care you want or need, it is time to think about paying for it. First, think if you might qualify as part of a special interest or special needs group. Do you have special needs and potentially special services available to you. If you qualify to be part of one of these programs, they can have a big impact on the cost of care and the level of service.

There are also some other financial factors that can have a major impact on selecting the best care. Here are some other articles to help you think about your options.

  • Family based senior care
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Leveraging your home to pay for care

Once you have checked out your special options and finances, it is time to look for local options. You can enter your desired location into the search bar at the top of any page or browse by selecting a state and then city below. Then click on the tabs at the top to narrow your selection to a specific type of care in that area. Then you will see a list of your local options for the type of care you have selected. If a service qualifies for a special group, they will have an icon next to their listing. Click on the link to any service to get more information including types of care, surrounding options, costs, contact information, photos and more.

Today’s retirement is very different. For more and more seniors, retirement is a liberating experience filled with options never before available. Because today’s seniors are healthier and more active, planning for retirement involves much more than just financial planning. It involves thoughtful planning about what you want to do with the rest of your life, whether it’s starting your own business, part-time work, consulting, volunteering, mentoring, a variety of leisure activities, or a unique combination tailored to your needs.


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