Trucks – Your Ultimate Guide

Trucks – Your Ultimate Guide

Rugged, dependable, and big on capability, it’s no wonder the venerable pickup truck has long been a go-to for U.S. shoppers. Whether you need to haul your family and camping gear across town or tow a trailer across the country, you’ll find a pickup well suited for the task. But there’s a problem. With so many varieties of trucks available, which is right for you? 

When buying a truck for the first time, you’ll need to answer one overarching question before delving into the finer details—what purpose will your truck serve?

Once you pin down those needs, you’re ready to dissect the many options of today’s truck market. Ready and eager? Here are six important truck buying tips to consider before you buy that first pickup.

How Much “Pickup” Do You Need?

Today’s trucks come in a dizzying array of styles, sizes, and configurations, but these can generally be whittled down to a few choice arrangements. Shoppers can choose between midsize pickups or full-size trucks.

From there, cab and bed arrangements further pare down options. While the names may change, cabs are generally referred to as “regular, extended, or crew” arrangements in increasing size, while bed lengths are commonly distinguished by “short” and “long.”

There’s certainly no right or wrong answer here—there’s a body style for everyone—but you’ll want to take into account exactly what you’ll be doing with your truck, what kind of space you have to park it, and how accessible you’ll need it to be for passengers.

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