Urgent Care

Urgent Care

It is beneficial to keep your child and yourself with the same doctor throughout the majority of your lives, to feel comfortable about visiting a doctor. Though sometimes, this is not the case. Doctor’s offices aren’t open at the most convenient hours for patients, making it difficult to find time for an appointment. Urgent care clinics offer medical benefits of your family pediatrician, without the annoying hassles of an emergency room.

Some of the advantages of visiting an urgent care clinic are:

  1. They accept all major insurances. Some clinics will not offer the same array of insurance policies, making it quite difficult to get into that “convenient” doctors appointment at a urgent care facility. Don’t have insurance at all? We offer a cash payment discount option, that provides a low out-of-pocket cost for services.
  2. Convenient offices and hours. Urgent care offers locations that are usually near your house. These locations are easily accessible from surrounding suburbs of metropolitan areas. With the convenience of these locations comes also the convenience of their hours, open late during the week and on weekends. This offers services at hours not typically held by family physicians.
  3. No need to schedule an appointment a week in advance. With average wait times loitering around the ten minute mark and under, there is no need to schedule an appointment at clinics. Sometimes you can get in line from home by using the online check-in option and then make your way to the urgent care clinic.
  4. It is much less expensive than a trip to the ER. Waiting in line at the Emergency room can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars. At urgent care clinics, you will save time and money, because they try to keep costs as low as possible for patients.

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