Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

From the moment you announce your marriage, friends and family will want to send you stuff. We have compiled a few tips to help the blushing bride and handsome groom registering for the overflow of gifts and love that they are likely to receive on their special day.

Two to three registries is ideal. If possible, at least one of them should have a physical store in the region where many of your guests live, just because you like the convenience of amazon does not mean that Nana feels the same way. People prefer choosing from a bigger selection: If you have, say, 100 invited guests, you will need a minimum of 125 registry items. Registering at one kitchen store, one home goods store, and one department store should cover all the avenues.

You can, however, include the online address for your wedding website, which should contain the details of where you are registered, on those printed materials. Request nontraditional stuff because they reflect you as a new couple. Wine registries for budding winos and honeymoon registries where guests can, pay for your breakfast in bed while you are in Fiji, are becoming so mainstream. Note: Any personal items, such as beauty products or clothing, are strictly off-limits. To avoid ruffling any feathers, throw in at least a handful of traditional items to appease the old-school types who simply will not be satisfied attending unless it’s with a mixer in hand.

Wait to use the presents that arrived before the ceremony. And ask for money outright, if cash is what you’re after, the only polite choice is to not register anywhere and pray that your guests get the message. Family and friends, not you and your betrothed, can politely spread the word.

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